Get Involved – Become a Trustee!

The KW Awesome Foundation is entirely run and funded by volunteer Trustees, and we’re always on the lookout for more! The more active trustees we have, the more money we give out during our Pitch Nights. This extra funding is where our “People’s Choice” and other mini-grants come from.

Hey, if we have enough trustees, we could even do TWO $1,000 grants every Pitch Night! (That would be chaos, no? Sweet, sweet chaos.) 

So, if you’re interested in making awesome things happen in Waterloo Region (with a great group of volunteers), you should consider joining us! Pitch Nights happen every other month (usually in or around Downtown Kitchener), plus a social gathering during our off months to recap and discuss things.

If you:
  • Can commit to an evening a month for a year (or more!)
  • Have $100 to contribute every other month for grant money
  • Have some extra time to help out with organizational duties (optional!)
Please join us! It’ll be Good Times(tm), we promise!