Winner for May 2019: Summer Circus Park Jam

We will transform the space next to the gazebo on the island in Victoria Park into an open area of circus arts exploration. Aerial silks and rings will hang from the large tree in the middle of the area with safety mats underneath (we have previously put both of these up with much success). Gym mats will cover part of the grass, offering opportunity for acrobatic exploration, yoga and movement arts. Circus props such as juggling equipment, hula hoops, unicycles and numerous other types of circus props (i.e. poi, staffs, fans) would also be available to explore. A slackline might also be suspended between 2 trees. A chalkboard welcome sign explaining and encouraging curious exploration and play for the public will welcome passerbys. The chalkboard will also list specific circus skill classes that would run weekly (i.e. an intro to hula hooping class or learning a three ball juggling cascade). Music will also play from a Bluetooth speaker throughout the evening and blankets would be available for lounging and relaxing, along with healthy vegan snacks available for everyone (i.e. fruits, granola bars). Once the sun goes down, the area would be lit by battery powered LED strands and fairy lights, and there will be ambient music until the park closes for the night.

Given the wide skill and range of circus props we have available, our project offers opportunity for anyone, of any age to come, explore and potentially pick up a new skill among a group of supportive like-minded individuals. From a 68 year old couple walking by deciding to try their hand at learning a beginner juggling trick, to young children picking up hula hoops and spinning around, to differently abled people being assisted through their first acrobatic yoga moves, supported by a team of spotters, there is plentiful opportunity for individuals, families and people of all walks of life to engage in safe play.

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