Winner for November 2019: Friends 4 Kindness

Last year Nicole asked for cards for her daughter who was sad she wasn’t getting typical Grade 12 milestones because she’s disabled. The request went viral and she received hundreds of messages from parents saying their kids were alone too. She held An Unbirthday Party and invited all kids who have never been to a birthday party. The response was huge so she created the registered non profit Friends 4 Kindness.
They want to host an unbirthday party in Kitchener in August of 2020. They will host a free event for all kids who don’t get invited to birthday parties and struggle with friendships. They provide an event that shows kids that they are loved and that they matter. Many of the kids don’t have any friends and spend the summer with their families- they give them a positive space event that allows them to interact and build relationships with other children! They also mail lots and lots of birthday cards to the kids on their actual birthday! For more information check out their website or Facebook page.

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