Winner for May 2020 – Maison Verte

Maison Verte

Their project is a partnership between Maison Verte & The Working Centre’s Market Garden. They are building a controlled growing environment in a donated shipping container – to be able to grow nutritious fresh greens at a low cost, locally, every day of the year. This project will have 4 potential benefits:
1 – Selling leafy greens or fruit will provide revenue for the Market Garden CSA outside of the summer season.
2 – Training and Skill building will be offered to locals enrolled in the employment program (this knowledge can also be used to grow food in their own homes)
3 – Provide more options for healthy & affordable produce to the community
4 – If the model is successful, we will be able to replicate and scale to other community garden

They will be using the money in their research project for The Working Centre Market Garden. They currently have two shipping containers but not enough funds to buy the tools to build out the indoor garden. Tools include hardware to build the platform such as a motor supply, sensors, insulation, seeds, soil, racks, and ventilation.

Check our their progress at

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