Apply for a KW Awesome Grant

DSC_0005Every two months, we select an awesome idea, project or cause to fund by inviting selected applicants to Pitch Night, where you’ll have a chance to tell us what makes your idea special.

Once the evening’s pitches are complete, the Trustees will get together and select a winner to walk away with $1,000 of cold, hard cash — with no strings attached!

Each person/group has 5 minutes to pitch, followed by a brief Q&A for Trustees to ask questions. Some things to ask yourself when planning your pitch:

  • How your idea or project can benefit Waterloo Region
  • How you will use the $1,000 grant
  • Timeline / Time frame of your project (immediate, later this year, etc)

However, the most important thing to bring is passion for your project!  Don’t worry if you’re not the slickest presenter – this isn’t a job interview, and everyone’s on your side (really!).

Another important thing to do during pitch night is talk to people, especially the Trustees! Even if your pitch doesn’t end up with the grand prize, there’s almost always someone who can help you in other ways, or get you in touch with those who can.

Last thing to remember — there is no limit for pitching your projects or ideas! You’re welcome to re-apply as many times as you like, but keep in mind any constructive feedback Trustees may give you for the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, however there really isn’t much else to it!

Ready to Apply?