Winner for February 2022 – Recollections and Imaginings

Recollections & Imaginings is a collective of Black & Indigenous racialized allies who are reimagining possibilities for the old Charles Street Terminal.They are working on an event on Victoria day weekend to feature local artists and people sharing stories through a variety of media, such as short stories, poetry, art, sculpture; alternately considering a short film. How do we build a public memory of the Charles Street Bus Terminal, and how do we imagine a better future, with healed relationships? And cool art! NOTE: Submissions are open NOW!

See below for more information.

ALSO note: The Region’s Survey for possible uses of the Charles St. Bus terminal is still open:…

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Winner for November 2021 – Peregrine Outreach

Peregrine Outreach is a collective of front line outreach workers who focus on the street involved community. The collective is currently focused on outreach workers who are dealing with the implications of the pandemic, changes to services in the agency (e.g. the temporary closure of the men’s shelter), the opioid crisis. They are working to organize two healing circles at Crow Shield Lodge. The circles are intended to provide an opportunity for solidarity, spiritual care, and healing for local outreach workers dealing with the challenges of serving the most vulnerable in our community in this time.

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Winner for September 2021 – Changing the Flow

Changing the Flow is is working to make sure that people who menstruate have period products when they need them. Their focus is on destigmatizing periods, while engaging the local artistic community. They are looking to bring local artists to design period boxes with a theme of inclusivity.

Learn more here:

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Winner for June 2021 – Midtown Radio – Community Stories Project

Midtown Radio is a community driven radio station that is focused on diversifying the voices heard on radio in Kitchener-Waterloo. They”re growing very quickly in both creators as well as listenership. Midtown Radio has a number of ways for ordinary folks in the community to get involved. They’re looking to set up a permanent recording station in their studio at 44 Gaukel, so that anyone in the community can record without worrying about technology barriers.

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Winner for April 2021 – Red Raccoon Bike Rescue

Congratulations Red Raccoon Bike Rescue, who are a volunteer run group aiming to provide free bike repairs to everyone who needs them.

The $1,000 will help them buy 4 sets of their own tools and bike repair stands to better help the KW community.

Bikes are awesome!

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Winner for February 2021 – Belong Together

Belong Together is a tile based project created as a response to connections lost and communities fragmented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its goal is to remind us that, even apart, we’re each an integral piece of the puzzle.

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Winner for November 2020 – Respect Our Sacred Space Zine, in support of O;se Kenhionhata:tie

O:se Kenhionhata:tie Land Back camp was set up in Victoria Park park for the summer of 2020 before moving to Waterloo Park for the winter. The goal is to create a Zine to educate about the camp and its purpose both for settlers and Indigenous youth. Along with amplifying the art and written works done by the Indigenous youth and others that participated. It will talk to the individuals that participated and continue to stand for the continuation of this created safe space. These voices are often lost and I wish to showcase them. The project will become a zine both in print and digital in hopes of reaching as many people as possible.
The camp provides a safe space for Two Spirit, Indigequeer, LGBTQI+ Indigenous individuals and youth. The want is for people to see its importance and the work that it is doing in anti racism and community building.
The zine will be in colour and approximately 25 pages long.

The funding will be used to pay the youth and contributors to the Zine for their emotional labor and works of art. The remainder of the funding will go to the printing costs of approximately 50 to 75 zines .

The money received from the sale of the Zines would go 100% to the Camp so they can continue their important work.

Order your copy of the Zine here:

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Winner for August 2020 – Community Music Video for Overdose Awareness Day

In February 2020, our community came together for a Night of Music dedicated to individuals who use or have used substances and their allies. This Night of Music featured Pittsburgh rapper “Colicchie” who writes about his lived experience with addiction, mental health challenges, street living, etc. When Colicchie came to KW in February, our community worked alongside him at a Songwriting workshop where we developed our own song as a way to explain our experiences with the ongoing overdose epidemic. Writing alongside an individual with lived experience allowed individuals to feel heard and begin looking at how music can be used as a voice to externalize pain, release difficult emotions, and form supportive connections with others.

In the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have seen an increase in drug poisoning and overdoses. Many supports that our street population usually access are closed or limited, and many individuals are using alone and in unsafe conditions. Our community is trying to follow all COVID-19 Precautions while also still promoting the harm-reduction message of “you are not alone, you are loved, we see you and we want you to be safe.”

One way we hope to deliver this message of compassionate harm-reduction is by creating a Music Video for the song written with Colicchie. Colicchie has volunteered to send in a video clip from Pittsburgh to be part of the video. Our community members would be featured in the video in any creative form they feel most comfortable (ex. playing guitar, singing, drawing, etc.) Each individual will be filmed one at a time, with the footage being compiled to create a Community Music Video. This music video would be shown at several community service locations (Emergency Shelters, Soup Kitchens, etc.) on Overdose Awareness Day (August 31st) as a way to acknowledge the beautiful lives we have lost and celebrate the beautiful people we walk alongside today.

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Winner for May 2020 – Maison Verte

Maison Verte

Their project is a partnership between Maison Verte & The Working Centre’s Market Garden. They are building a controlled growing environment in a donated shipping container – to be able to grow nutritious fresh greens at a low cost, locally, every day of the year. This project will have 4 potential benefits:
1 – Selling leafy greens or fruit will provide revenue for the Market Garden CSA outside of the summer season.
2 – Training and Skill building will be offered to locals enrolled in the employment program (this knowledge can also be used to grow food in their own homes)
3 – Provide more options for healthy & affordable produce to the community
4 – If the model is successful, we will be able to replicate and scale to other community garden

They will be using the money in their research project for The Working Centre Market Garden. They currently have two shipping containers but not enough funds to buy the tools to build out the indoor garden. Tools include hardware to build the platform such as a motor supply, sensors, insulation, seeds, soil, racks, and ventilation.

Check our their progress at

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Winner for January 2020 – Aramba Social Night!


Aramba Social Night is a drop in program for member of the community to connect, have fun and stay active all at the same time!  They meet once a month on a Friday at Rockway Centre.  There are family games, snacks, beverages and 30 minutes of Aramba.  See their Facebook page for upcoming dates.   Congratulations!  They’re what makes our community awesome!

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